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Well I made some research resently and that’s what i found on some articles ha!

"Directors rarely ask actors about french [tongue] kissing unless it was their [actors] own preference

Other than the obvious porn movies, actors kiss meaning they go in with the mouth open…

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Interview: Who’d win in a real fight: you or Maggie?
Shane: In a real fight, I’d just bear-hug her and put her to sleep.

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5 REAL LIFE SHIPS: 2/5 Shaggie
- Shane West & Maggie Q

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Shane & Maggie + Behind The Scenes & Personal Pictures

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My dogs are very specific about whom they like. They know whom they like and they know whom they don’t like, and that’s totally momma. I have the same instincts…

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Maggie Q + WhoSay Pictures (x)

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